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House of Worship

In modern worship environments, Visual technology is the most influential way to inspire congregation’s participation in their worship service.
As LED screens getting more affordable, LED screens in church visual technology make it possible to engage congregations more efficiently in their service as a pipeline to connect messages, announcement, praise and more to them. Thus, LED screens are an affordable, effective way for churches to communicate. The flexibility of LED screens enables to fit their size to the building structure or wall without construction. Additionally, LED screens are far brighter and not required for darkening the house of worship that has become the norm when trying to accommodate outdated projection screens. Our sales team has experienced to integrate the church visual technology over 25 years so they are ready to help pair your ministry with the perfect church LED screen solution that will inspire your service, and we make it affordable to your budget.


LED screens and digital signage are fast becoming integral to campus life at learning establishments across the country.
Forward thinking universities are recognizing the huge value in LED screens, with their ability to entertain, educate and promote making them a natural hub of campus life. Campus LED screens can form an important part of the education process or courses, where the screen can be integrated into course curriculums. Messages on LED screens can be changed and campus administrators can design, update, and investigate from any place like – their office, or remotely, using an online configuration tool. Sporting events, shows, lunch menu, exam results, class schedule, lectures, campus activities, and advertising can be displayed over electronic LED display. They can be installed in corridors, classrooms, reception areas, and other important locations


Stunning LED solutions for attention grabbing advertising.
LED billboards allow advertisers the ability to connect with their customers like never before and billboards offer a host of benefits over traditional printed media. LED’s brightness ensures fantastic standout for advertisers, with rich, vibrant colors and outstanding clarity in day or night conditions. LED advertising can include full moving imagery and video, creating dynamic, immersive promotions that demand attention. Advertisement also demands the trendiest technologies added to promote your products and brands. LED digital signage hence makes its debut, bringing about greater chances for your business to captivate and engage target audience and communicate your brand message in a unique, visualized manner. Obviously, the benefits are not limited to potential higher sales. Meanwhile, you can instantly update your menu changes, release new arrivals and keep your visitors engaged and informed with our advanced display technology. For sure digital signage can help create the immersive environments that build brand and keep customers coming back for more.


LED Digital signage uses technologies to display content including digital images, video, streaming media, and information. They can be found in public spaces like commercial plaza, transportation systems, airport, museums, stadiums, theaters, hotel, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants and city center etc, to provide information, way finding, marketing and advertising.
Text – Scrolling text. Either scrolling text, or text dynamically updated via external news feed source. Images – Scrolling images, usually in the format of digital advertisement posters. Video – Usually in the format of commercial TV advertisements. Retail Digital Signage – We can install eye catching retail digital signage for in store and window displays. Visual Merchandising LED Screen – Screens can be positioned as point of sale to promote products both in store and at events. Exhibition Screen Hire – Digital signage is available to hire for events and exhibitions.