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October, 2019 HOB Anaheim Jabari Tour

September, 2019 LEXUS South Bay_Pixel Pitch_P2

August, 2019 LA Palladium RnB Only Tour

March, 2019 Thanh Thao Live Concert

February, 2019 Colors Worldwide

December, 2018 Building Projector Screen

December, 2018 Bank of Hope Event

August, 2018 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant

March, 2018 KCC & Bumsoo Kim

January, 2018 CES 2018 Hyundai

September, 2017 Fiestas Patrias

June, 2017 Showtime Hip Hop Concert

June, 2017 Poland Indoor Concert_Pixel Pitch_P2.97_Project Size_24m2

February, 2017 Chaoyang District Beijing Chaoyang Planning Art Museum_Pixel Pitch_P2.97_Project Size_35m2

January, 2017 Russia Red Square New Year’s Eve Celebration_Pixel Pitch_P4.8_Project Size_a150m2

August, 2016 San Diego Exhibition_Pixel Pitch_P2.97

May, 2016 DJ DOC & Jnusean Concert

January, 2016 UNIVISION Music Festival

November, 2015 SEMA Show_Spartan

September, 2015 K-FERST Los Angeles

July, 2015 Jenni Rivera Tour

May, 2015 Sang Min Park Concert

February, 2015 Farro Grano Apparel Store Display_Pixel Pitch_P3.9

December, 2013 Shenzhen Stadium Wish Love Live_Pixel Pitch_P8.9_Project Size_350m2

March, 2013 San Diego Bands in Town

November, 2011 Latin Grammy Award_Pixel Pitch_P15

April, 2011 Sanghai Motor Show_Pixel Pitch_P7.8

March, 2009 Britney Spears Tour_Pixel Pitch_P15

October, 2019 Jong Kook Kim Concert

September, 2019 Atlanta RnB Only Tour

July, 2019 PES Tour

May, 2019 Corporate Event

February, 2019 Saigon Art Center

December, 2018 Islamic Relief USA

September, 2018 North LA Church _ixel Pitch_P2.5

July, 2018 New Orleans RnB Only Tour

February, 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympic_Pixel Pitch_P2.6

November, 2017 KAFLA Heritage

August, 2017 JYP Concert

June, 2017 RM Concert

June, 2017 Kazakhstan BASTAU_Pixel Pitch_P3.9_Project Size_200m2

November, 2016 Dalla ESPN Boxing_Pixel Pitch_P3.2

August, 2016 USA Club_Pixel Pitch_P2.97

March, 2016 San Francisco LG Techno Conference

December, 2015 San Diego Shana Rock Country

November, 2015 Concerto Vegas Concerty

August, 2015 Shanghai, China Mercedes-Benz Arena_Pixel Pitch_P8.9_Project Size_500m2

June, 2015 Long Beach LG Toyota Gran Prix

March, 2015 LG Techno Conference

December, 2014 Kumho Global

June, 2013 Tony Awards_Pixel Pitch_P7.8

February, 2013 Hao Qing Hui_Pixel Pitch_P8.9

August, 2011 John Deere_Pixel Pitch_P15_Project Size_500m2

April, 2011 Funhouse World Tour_Pixel Pitch_P10

September, 2019 Orlando Colors Festival

September, 2019 LG OLED Tour_Pixel Pitch_P3.9 Outdoor Black

May, 2019 Binex Corp. Conference AV_Pixel Pitch_P2.5

May, 2019 Louisiana Lotte Opening Ceremony

January, 2019 Jin Young Hong Concert

December, 2018 DJ Booth Design

August, 2018 Hoang Thi Tho Show

May, 2018 San Francisco Hotel Event

February, 2018 Show me the money Concert

October, 2017 KIA Booth

July, 2017 Kazakhstan_Pixel Pitch_P3.9_Project Size_200m2

June, 2017 Dallas Cowboy Celebration_Pixel Pitch_P3.2

May, 2017 Jung Hyun Park Concert

January ,2017 Germany Hamburg Winter Sports Events_Pixel Pitch_P4.8_Project Size_300m2

August, 2016 Germany hamburg Music Hall_Pixel Pitch_P2.97_Project Size_24m2

July, 2016 Moscow TAGHEUER_Pixel Pitch_P4.8_Project Size_50m2

February, 2016 Eun Mi Lee US Tour

December, 2015 San Diego Harbor Festival

October, 2015 US Miss Korea

July, 2015 Kim Jungmin & Kim Wonjun Concert

June, 2015 Cult Two Show

April, 2015 Earter Service

April, 2014 Chinaplas Samsung

April, 2013 Metlife Stadium Wrestle Mania_Pixel Pitch_P15

February, 2012 Warner Bros. Concert

June, 2011 Infocomm_Pixel Pitch_P7.8

February, 2011 Super Bowl_Pixel Pitch_P7.8